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Lowry Pediatrics is pleased to announce that we have joined the Baby Boxes movement! Colorado is the fifth state in the country to join. Lowry Pediatrics is officially a distributor. Check it out:
Lowry Pediatrics is happy to announce their new Facebook segment entitled Topic Tuesday.

Each Tuesday, we will post something on our Facebook page, whether it be helpful information regarding our office, and interesting tidbit, or a fun fact. Some weeks will be based on Lowry Pediatrics, other weeks will be about the Denver Metro area.

Please 'Like' our Facebook page to see our Topic Tuesday segment each week.
Something NEW is happening at Lowry Pediatrics! We are going to a new streamlined check-in process! Check-in will now be done on tablets, woot woot!! We will be going "live" on the tablets tomorrow, September 7th! The new process will take a little longer on your child's first visit back to our office. Please allow extra time to fill out everything on tablets by coming to scheduled appointments 20-30 minutes early. After the initial check-in, any check-ins after should be quick and streamlined. We are looking forward to this change and hope you will like it too! Please bear with us as this will be new to all of us, but we are certainly excited for positive outcomes!
Need help getting to your child's appointment?
After much deliberation and careful thought, Lowry Pediatrics has developed the following Vaccine Policy:

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